Your portable alarm system with motion sensor is a wireless device that has a receiver and one or more sensors / transmitters. 

The receiver notifies you of motion triggers from the sensors.  In Drongo VoiceAlert's case, the receiver notifies you with a pre-recorded message, in your own voice. 

A portable alarm system with sensor is ideal for rented homes, because you can easily take it with you when you move out.

The portability of the system opens up a myriad of possibilities.

Tip #1: Place your Drongo | VoiceAlert receiver in a good spot

If you are primarily using the system at night, then your bedside will be the best. 
If you are using it all day, then it is a good idea to place it in the kitchen or other living areas, and then simply move it to your bedroom when you go to sleep. 

The Drongo portable alarm system with sensors use an internal battery that lasts 3 days, so you are never chained to where you installed the power adapter, as long as you charge it every now and then. 

You can move it around the house as you see fit!

For example, you can leave it connected to the power adapter in your kitchen during the day, and when you go to sleep you can simply take it with you to the bedroom, without worrying about power.
Some people like to use their Portable alarm system in several different places, including workshops; home office; outside pool area or wherever they need.

If you have your VoiceAlert with you, you will never be caught off-guard!

Tip #2: Install your sensors well

The sensors are made to be installed outdoors, but it is better to give them a break if you can.  Install them under roof overhangs or other sheltered areas to make them last longer.  Some people choose to camouflage their sensors by installing them inside fence poles or even by painting the sensor.  It is critical that you evaluate your security situation properly, and install sensors in the areas where they bring the most security value.

Tip #3: Test your system

It is compulsory to regularly do a walk test of your portable alarm system with motion sensor.  It is a simple matter of clearing the internal memory of your VoiceAlert receiver (by pressing the playback button), and then take a stroll, covering all of your sensors. 
When you come back, the 'PWR MSG' LED will be flashing on your VoiceAlert. 
Simply press the playback button, and the VoiceAlert will play back all of the activations it has received since you cleared it. 
This way you can be 100% sure that the sensor did trigger